Redemption for the Returning KSS JV team


Joel Pontalti & Lucus Spencer, Sports writers

Last year the KSS Owls’ junior football team had a strong season, losing only one regular season game. Unfortunately the outstanding regular season came to an end in the playoffs after a tough loss to Notre Dame. Many of the outstanding players such as Daemon Lewis, Zander Torres, and Lucus Spencer have moved up to the senior team.

What’s next for this group of young athletes striving for greatness? This season there are many new faces and returning players such as Nolan Ulm, Colby Miletto, Isaac Athans, and many more. Sadly Isaac, a starter, has suffered an injury and will miss a large portion of the season. Which means second string quarterback, Nate Beauchemin, will have to step up as a leader on the team.

Losing their starting quarterback and the first game of the offseason to New Westminster was not how they wanted to start the season, but it will light a fire under the team to win and play their hearts out this season. However, these losses will not hold this young athletic team back.
They will look for players different to step up to greatness. Returning players will continue to write their stories as warriors. The new players will begin to write their own stories. Will this team redeem themselves after last season’s unfortunate conclusion? They are a hungry team ready to give it their all, and to write their own story in KSS football history.