13 Reasons Why: Why the Controversy?

13 Reasons Why: Why the Controversy?

Gavynne Adame, Staff Writer

“Hey It’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. Don’t adjust your… whatever device you’re hearing this on, It’s me live and in stereo” – Hannah Baker from 13 reasons why

If you’ve never heard this quote then you’ve probably never seen 13 reasons why.

’13 reasons why’ is a Netflix series about a boy named Clay who receives a box of tapes with messages from his friend/crush Hannah Baker who committed suicide two weeks previously.

I asked some people what kind of impression did ’13 reasons why’ left on them and I got a lot of polarized opinions.

Opinion 1 What they both agreed on Opinion 2
– Glamorized

– Not realistic

– Romanticizes the show in general

– Dramatic

– Dangerous to viewers who have suicidal thoughts

– Raises Awareness

– Stayed close to the source material

– Realistic

– Relatable

– Romanticizes High school relationships

Opinion 1: “I liked how it stayed close to the book However it was glamorized because bullying is not one of the only reasons people commit suicide. It was extremely dramatic and not realistic because no one goes through that much through high school and their family and friends don’t know about it. They romanticized the relationships and the love story’s a bit too much. I think the show should have a warning before watching it because you don’t know who could be watching it and at least the viewers know what is to come in the show.” -Anonymous

Opinion 2: “They didn’t glamorize it, people like to think that because her life was so awful and people felt bad after so they just think it’s glamorized. When a person makes someone kill themselves you should feel bad because they were one of the reasons. They romanticized the high school relationships not the suicide. Other’s say it’s not realistic because when things get bad people just bottle it up and ignore it. Society just tells us to forgive and forget and just brush it off and I don’t think that’s right.” -Anonymous

Overall, ‘13 reasons why’ was a great show because it showed me that everyone is going through something whether or not you can see it or not. Everyone has their own stories and their own struggles they’re going through and we should be more considerate to others. I related to most to the second opinion because I believe the series tried to get to the real truth.

I recommend watching this series because it will change you perspective on life.  It changed mine.