Somewhere over the rainbow


Charlotte Hardy, Showcase Writer

Have you ever had something you wanted to do so badly you would go to extreme measures to ensure it will happen? Well one beloved teacher who worked at Kelowna Secondary School did. She made sure it was known even after she was gone.

Anne-Marie Holmwood, the much loved theatre teacher at KSS (2011 – 2015) had a thing about rainbows. “She saw the world through a kaleidoscope of colours; my mom was a rainbow that encouraged diversity and radiated passion.” Says Willa Holmwood, Anne Marie’s daughter. “Now she has left the sky empty for us to paint our own rainbow and share our strengths with the world.”

In memory of her, the theatre students who knew her decided that we would paint the stairs in the theatre rainbow for her.

At the memorial celebration of her life , it was stated by a close friend that Anne-Marie didn’t have many regrets in life, but one of them was not painting those stairs rainbow.

It took us awhile to carry out her wishes, but eventually we did. Creating the beautifully vibrant stairs we have come to love and cherish. Holding onto the memories of the teacher who has touched so many lives, bringing life to the school.

“The arts have always been a place where diverse groups of people can collaborate to create meaningful works that reflect their unique experiences.” said Mrs Elliott, the current KSS Theatre teacher.“Knowing Ms. Holmwood and her great passion for the arts, particularly the performing arts, I can think of no better memorial to honour her memory, than what the students did last year. The stairs keep Anne-Marie always in the theatre. It feels so good to celebrate her this way.” The theatre students just radiate pride for Ms. Holmwood and all her successors.

To many, students and teachers alike, Anne-Marie was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She shone brightly in the lives of those she touched, bringing the ‘gold’ out in everyone. Ms. Holmwood will be dearly missed, but we know that she is watching and keeping an eye on us all from above, applauding our work carrying out her lifelong work and dreams.