The Art of Springsteen


Olivia Hunchak, Staff Writer

Bruce Springsteen is known widly around the world for his many hit songs he’s produced over the decades. Songs including ‘Born in the USA’, ‘Glory Days’, and ‘Dancing in the Dark’. But one particular song that has always piqued my interest is ‘Born to Run’.

Born to Run is the quintessential song for teenage rebellion. It is indeed a love story, but still so much more. Bruce once stated that this particular song is about two people trying to find their way. Battling social normality’s and the rules set in place for them. This song is that and so much more. I believe it’s also about running. Possibly towards adulthood, trying to escape adolescents yet soon realizing adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The two individuals to me feel trapped by responsibilities and the urge to break free is weighting on them. A line that has always intrigues me is “At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines“. To me this line means living on the edge and taking risks, trying to turn back the clock to when they were teenagers and were able to live footloose and fancy free.

Bruce not only sings the song but he tells a story, the story about how everyone’s perfect American dream is individuality different. And how turning back the clock and taking risks isn’t always a bad thing. 

See you tomorrow! Have a great night.