Dreams and The Mystery of Our Subconscious Minds


Careen Fischer, Science & Technology

Some people remember all of them, others not a single one. They can range from really nice to terrible. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Simple: I’m talking about dreams!

Everyone has four to five dreams in just one night, and that’s every night. Moreover, it’s very structured, and the REMs occur in the first 90 minutes. REM means rapid eye movement and it is the indication of dreams of all the mammals. During REM, brain activity, blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing rate are raised. Especially the brain activity rises, because a dream is nothing other than nerve impulses from the brain stem to diferrent regions of the brain.

Now that you know a bit more about dreaming in general, have you ever wondered why you are dreaming particular dreams, or what they mean?  Here are interpretations of the 5 most common dreams.

If you dream about flying and associate it with good feelings it means, that you feel exempt in real life. Most of the time people dream about flying after they resolved a difficult situation, or made a decision.

Free Falling
This suggests that you hang on too much in real life, you feel out of control, and you should let go.

The Toilet-Dream
If you are searching for a toilet desperately, but cannot find one it could be a sign that you want to break free of your burdens. Often the person concerned doesn’t find a toilet in time and becomes a pants wetter.

Being Persecuted
Some people have the misfortune of being persecuted or hunted by someone.  Dreamwise, it might be your brain telling you to stop hiding and running away from your fears, to face up to them, instead of bedevilling your life.

Out of Control Car
The car is a symbol of advancement and that you are moving towards a certain target.  A dream about losing control of your car means that you, sadly, have also lost control of your life.