Paper Cuts are No Longer Unwanted (At Least in This Sense)


Makena Imthorn, Arts & Entertainment

Paper cuts. Not the dreadful, unreasonably painful sliver of a slice, achieved from rubbing a piece of paper. Paper Cuts: the magazine.

One volume, two issues. An arts magazine filled with Kelowna Secondary School’s most creative students, and their favourite pieces. Elspeth Williams’ So Falls the Golden Apple, gives us a wonderful example of what you can find in this collection. She writes, What am I, if not beautiful? What is my worth if I am not a child of Aphrodite, but the spawn of some lesser goddess born from springs before the sea? The beginning of this poem reminds us of the daily struggles of the average high school student. This poem is quite fitting for an audience of impressionable youth.

In this book, which overflows with unleashed creativity, there are many lessons to be learned. Teenagers with many different backgrounds, morals, ethics, and ideas come together to teach, and learn for one another. Personal stories, poems, sketches, and watercolours; showcasing the abundance of individuality in our talented school. Another reads, The family cannot keep up with the everlasting supply of cereal, and so the cupboard, which once [was] empty used to signify happiness and full bellies, now abundant reflects [an] emptiness no cereal can fill, which is an exert from Cupboard Story by Harmony Taetz, about a family’s transition with children moving to university.

The time and effort is apparent in each issue, and this year we hope to succeed like each of the last. The third issue will be published in the upcoming school year, with works from each grade, combining into nothing short of a masterpiece. Every student at KSS has the ability to create something beautiful, and we believe that everyone should test their imaginative side, even if only one in a while.