Empty on The Inside


Tatjana Teixeira, Healthy Living


“A depressive disorder is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those who care about him or her. A depressive disorder is not the same as a passing blue mood.”

It takes over life, it isn’t something you can ignore. It controls all you do and think about. Living with depression is not an upcoming trend. No one wishes to wake up feeling worthless and empty. As of 2015, 16.1 million adults in the US admitted to suffering from depression in the past and 350 million worldwide. It may seem like a sad fact to face, thinking that 1 in 4 Canadians have or will suffer from this mental illness. This means everyone in Canada has been affected by depression in some way, by being depressed themselves, knowing someone who is depressed, or living in a household with someone who’s clinically depressed.

No one has been able to pinpoint the exact cause of this psychiatric disorder but it can follow a divorce, losing a loved one or any case where a person is left feeling lonely, sad or scared. Statistics indicate it’s more common for women to be depressed, or more obvious when women are depressed. Unlike men who may be irritable or angry when they’re depressed, women may suffer from feelings of worthlessness, sadness, or guilt. It’s more common for women to be diagnosed with depression than men.

Everyone’s effected differently by depression. Despite this healing strategies are similar from person to person. Like a physical injury, people with mental illnesses need time to heal. People individually find what works for them to fight against depression. Some people such as Maria who conquered depression 3 years ago without the help of meds, or Chris who has managed to live a good life even with depression, have documented their journeys to try and inspire others.

Maria’s story: http://dominatedepression.com/life-beautiful-marias-success-story/

Chris’s story: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/connect-with-others/personal-stories/story/chris-(bluevoices-member)

I hope you leave this article with a greater awareness of what others might be going through. Depression is widespread and very real, and sufferers need our support.