10 Innovative Technologies to Keep an Eye Out For


Emma Luciw & Elana Wood

Vibrating jeans to easily navigate, ear buds that let you hear in a different language, and brain implants to reverse paralysis? New technological breakthroughs are occurring often, and it’s getting easier and easier to get a hold of them. Here are ten to watch out for!

  1. Language translating earpiece – Pilot

 Meet the world’s first language translating earpiece, the Pilot earpiece from Waverly Labs. This earpiece is set to break language barriers prevalent in society. These completely wireless sets of what look like ear buds enable people to understand what people speaking other languages are saying. They connect to IOS and Android devices and their charges last around 4 hours. Pilot costs about $249 and is currently available for preorder.

  1. Menstrual Pain Disruptor – Livia

Livia is a small, clip-on device that stops period pain. The device sends two electrodes that pulse to your lower abdomen area. The pulses stop any pain caused by your period immediately. Livia is so discreet and easy; it will feel like you’re not even on your period. Livia is available now, and the kit costs $149.00. The kit includes the Livia device, a cover, a charging cable, a travel case, Livia flower pads, and 3 months supply of gel pads. 

  1. Brain Implants to reverse Paralysis

As of this year, neurologists at MIT are making remarkable breakthroughs relating to the use of brain implants to increase spinal cord mobility and therefore, reverse paralysis. This is not a concrete invention yet, however people can expect to see this revolutionary technology appear within the next few years.

  1. Vibrating Jeans – Spinali

 If you have ever worried about bumping into someone whilst walking because you’re looking for directions on your phone, you’re not the only one. That’s why Spinali has designed technology for your pants so you can easily get to your destination! After entering your whereabouts and destination, Spinali’s jeans will guide you by use of vibration. If you need to go left, your pants will vibrate on the left side of your body, and the same will happen if you need to go right. These pants are available now, and prices are starting at $98.00.

  1. Folding Bike Helmet- Morpher

 If you have ever been inconvenienced by having to carry your bike helmet around with you wherever you are going, Morpher has the technology for you. This revolutionary bike helmet can fold flat to be carried around with ease. It has passed all relevant safety tests and is made of mostly recycled materials. This invention has already won many awards and has been bought by thousands of people.

  1. Hair Growth Helmet – iGrow

 iGrow is the perfect device for anyone who desperately needs to grow hair as soon as possible. The device is placed on your head, like a helmet, and it uses low-level light therapy technology to help with thinning and balding. The device helps grow beautiful, thick and luscious hair. The product starts at $550.00, and it’s available now!

  1. Precise Gene Editing

 Scientists and medical researchers are placing experimental gene therapy in hospitals to treat people with genetic disorders. After further medical success and breakthroughs, infusions to remove specific, problematic genes in humans are becoming available. An example of this would be a deadly genetic mutation apparent in someone that depletes his or her body of its white blood cells. This person can be infused with healthy genes to replace the deadly ones. Although this procedure is still in experimental phases, it has potential to become a widely available treatment for those in need.

  1. 3D Food Printer – Foodini

 Foodini is a 3D printer that prints edible, savory food very quickly. All you have to do is prepare the meal, and enter it into the device. Then, the device will print out your meal for you in no time. Foodini is currently available to professional cooks, and/or restaurants, but should be available for everyone soon.

  1. Cook with your Phone – Anova

 The Anova Precision cooker is a device that lets you cook with your phone. Allowing amateur chefs to cook professional quality meals. The precision cooker comes with an app for Android and IOS; on this app people can specify exactly how they want their food cooked. For example, if someone cooking meat wanted the entire thing to be cooked perfectly at 130 degrees, the cooker can do that. It retails for around $200 and is available worldwide.


  1. Window Electricity Generators – SolarGaps

These window blinds have solar panels installed, so you can generate power from your windows, instead of having to install complicated, and expensive rooftops. These window blinds are very easy to have in the house because you can set up or remove them anytime you please. Each 10-square foot window area covered by blinds can generate up to 150W of power, and you can operate them from your IOS or android device. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $390.00 today.