Cut down on the Damage, Not the Trees!

Zainab Mohammad

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Imagine visiting the zoo one day, thrilled to soon see some Giant Pandas, orangutans, a couple of fierce tigers, but leaving in disappointment as you failed to sight any of these. Perplexed about their absence, you hit up the internet to understand what’s going on, and the results not only shock you, but also leave you guilty and upset. What you uncovered is that deforestation is the reason these animals are vanishing, and this humanity is to blame. Deforestation, it’s all our fault.

The Giant Panda, tigers, the Sumatran Elephant, orangutans, they’re just a few of the thousands of endangered animals, soon to go extinct if deforestation persists. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees, to turn the wilderness into clear land. As heartless humans chop down more and more trees, they fail to take into consideration the negative impact they’re bestowing upon the environment.

Maybe many aren’t aware, or are simply too greedy to care that forests are home to around 80% of Earth’s land animals and plants. Deforestation is dramatically impacting these organisms, as most of them cannot survive the deforestation that is destroying their habitat. Lack of a suitable habitat will lead to the extinction of millions of species, as they will cease to exist.

As well, the environment is affected because during deforestation, larger amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, which happen to significantly fuel global warming. Increase of soil erosion is a common result of deforestation too, and, since forests play a crucial role in the water cycle, deforestation disturbs the water cycle.

Deforestation doesn’t just impact the environment, humans are negatively influenced too, and will especially suffer in the years to come. You see, trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon, therefore are essential for humans. If there were little or no trees left, unsuitable air would create difficulties with breathing, hence humans would be unable to survive. And, while right now companies recklessly cut down trees to produce their products, they don’t realize that one day there won’t be any trees left. That’s when we will suddenly be deprived of thousands of tree-based products, including paper, tires, chewing gum, and much more.

Because of our ever-growing population of 6.7 billion, the future of an isolated, dry Earth is not very distant. At the rate trees are being chopped down- around 3.5 to 7 billion per year, they say that by 2030 only 10% of the world’s rainforests will remain, and even those should disappear within a century. Trees are a crucial factor to our existence, for the Earth, and for millions of species, so the best to way protect us all and ensure a thriving future is simple: stop cutting down so many trees!

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