The Upside of CO2

The Upside of CO2

Charlotte Hardy

Many people believe that technology is taking over the world. In most cases that is correct. Some cases though that is not true. Sometimes technology actually helps the world. One example of this is the orcharding and farming businesses.

Using technology actually helps stimulate the land and helps produce healthier trees and plants. By using machines to churn the land, we are bringing the richer soil to the surface. That leads to bigger, healthier trees without using steroids and pesticides. There are other ways to produce better trees though. Ways that we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

According to a Canadian firm called NC-Quest introducing the exhaust fumes from tractors back into the soil is actually quite good. The mix of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) which are oxidized earth metals stimulates and feeds our land. Reintroducing these earth metals into our soil helps our land produce more and flourish. Therefore helping us make more money and grow more food.

Carbon dioxide is the compound element that plants take in to produce oxygen. Having carbon dioxide in the soil make it easier for the plants which we plant there produce oxygen for us to breath in. Carrying on the circle of life with just a little extra help.

This technique is not really very popular yet as not many people know about it. This is a way our technology is actually affecting the land in a positive way. People need to be educated on this technique. If we can reuse the carbon dioxide instead of releasing it into our atmosphere. Decreasing the issue of global warming.

Carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of global warming. It is a well known greenhouse gas that has thermal components to it. Causing our atmosphere to heat up leading to global warming.

Every country on our earth farms. Therefore every country on our earth can also help prevent global warming. All they have to do is reuse their carbon dioxide by reintroducing it into our soil. That way our land can produce oxygen. Farmers need to look into this technique so that they can make a difference in our world.