Don’t Be in the Smoke


Zainab Mohammad

Society is not the only thing that’s been rapidly evolving in the recent decades, so has marijuana. As society modernizes, cannabis has changed to better fulfill our needs, because the higher levels of THC satisfy us more, but they also intensify the addiction which elevates our desire for more frequent doses. This is beneficial for sellers because their customer frequency skyrockets. With these increased addictions, no wonder more of us desire its legalization so needs can be fulfilled without needing to stay incognito. In this article, I’d like bring to light some pros as well as cons of this legalization.

Now as most of you are aware, there have been numerous discussions and debates going on in efforts to legalize marijuana across North America, some places have even accomplished it, however for most of us this still stands as a work in progress. And of course, heaps of people await the day it is legal in their area, but many people are unaware of the disadvantages that will advance with legalized marijuana. First of all, levels of THC- marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient- in marijuana intensified by 4 times in the last 20 years, making addictions a speedier process and likely to result in more users. On the other hand, levels of CBD- an ingredient sometimes noted for its health benefits- have reduced by half. So we should know that a lot of marijuana is now accustomed to satisfy us more recreationally than medically.

What’s more is that while under the influence of marijuana, drivers will be more at prone for accidents. In fact this illicit drug is the one most frequently found in the blood of drivers involved in vehicle crashes, so it’s definitely going to be rather challenging to be on the roads once marijuana is legalized. To figure out how the increase of this drug in society will be dealt with, and how to keep people from driving while intoxicated by marijuana, is quite necessary. While this shouldn’t be too tricky of an issue as there are already officers being trained to detect if a driver is under the influence, and appliances available to measure if a driver is intoxicated beyond the legal amount, there will of course be numerous times when police isn’t present on the roads, and intoxicated drivers will get away, and possibly cause a dangerous situation. So this situation needs to be resolved further.

Now, these were some details to shed light about the rather negative aspects, but I’m not attempting to be against it nor turn you against it. As a matter of fact, there’s plenty of ways weed legalization will prove to be beneficial, especially for the country. You see, a tremendous amount of money would be raised from tax on marijuana, something we know due to places that have already legalized weed like Colorado. In 2015 alone, Colorado collected a whopping $150 million tax revenue from marijuana. They proceeded to make great use of this money by directing the money towards programs that weren’t high on the priority list, such as low income families, recreational centres, fixing roads, and so on. So a lot can be done with the money if the country responsibly collects that tax money.

Then the medical advantages of marijuana are no secret, it is known to save lives at excruciating stages of patient’s lives. Great treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, AIDS, asthma and a whole lot of other diseases, marijuana has proven to help dying patients again and again. What else, it’s known to aid with chronic pain, and as a group of scientists led an experiment, they observed smoking marijuana reduced pain by 30%. Thus, to legalize marijuana would allow more patients to effortlessly treat themselves with some cannabis, and possibly save more lives, as well allow people to live longer.

Just like everything has its benefits and disadvantages, the same applies to legalizing marijuana. And while its got plenty of full on supporters as well as heaps against it, marijuana will most likely become legal sooner than later, so we just need to be cautious with it, and be optimistic about the positive improvements it will possibly bring into our economy and lives. Plus, the fact that it’s a much safer drug than many other ones out there is a comforting thought, so keep that in mind. All in all, while legalizing marijuana may come with some harm, its beneficial aspects can’t be denied, and we should look upon this as a fantastic advancement.