Does the BC school system place enough value on the arts?


Jon Derksen

A moment in New York

Charlotte Hardy, Writer

Every school in British Columbia has core subjects. These are the subjects students have to take to graduate. The core subjects are Math, English, Science, history and up until grade ten Physical Education. These subjects are very important, they help us learn to grow and be able to be successful in the modern world.

The arts are just as important as math or science. They are very frequently used as an outlet to the real world. De-stressing students and helping them grow. It is a way to express themselves freely in more ways than one.

Having at least one course at a student’s choosing be required a year in the arts would be very beneficial to their health. Maybe not physically, but mentally, and that’s more important.

Sure the core subjects are important, but not as important as a student’s health, especially students’ mental health. Schools should be promoting the arts more than they are. Promoting the arts is basically promoting good health. For many people acting or drawing is a way to let go and release their insecurities. The way the school system is set up, unfortunately, makes it very hard for students to take a course in the arts. They need to take the core subjects, a language, and, depending on the grade, a planning course.

Even if the school system does not make it mandatory, the schools of British Columbia should push just as hard to get students to go into the arts as they push for students to take math or science.

Being a doctor is just as important as being an actress or an artist, with different functions.

Everyone in this world is important and what we need in our world is creativity. Not more people who are pushed to do the same thing as the person next to them. Individuality and creativity is key to our world and country. Just like Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Coming from him this is very important as he had one of the greatest minds ever in our world.