NightOwl Theatre Presents…The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation


Emma Luciw, Staff Writer

Kelowna Secondary School’s Night Owl Theatre is a program at the high school that involves both the Senior Theatre class and Theatre Production class. Senior Theatre is a class outside of the regular timetable which students have to audition to be a part of. There, they will perfect their acting skill, and participate in plays. Theatre Production is a class outside of the timetable that works on lighting, sound, costumes, props, set construction, etc.. These students put on two productions a year, one during the fall and one during spring.

This April, Night Owl Theatre will be presenting a comedy called: “The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation”, written by Don Zolidis.

The play is directed by Kelowna Senior Secondary’s returning drama teacher, Mr. Schwartz. I sat down with Mr. Schwartz, and he filled me in on the play.

The story is about the Greek god of theatre and wine named Dionysus. Dionysus is accompanied by Xanthius, his servant, on his journey to the underworld. Dionysus wants to find William Shakespeare and bring him back to life in order to try and revive the culture in today’s television.

Dionysus is played by Zandre Blondin, a member of the Senior Theatre Program.  He clarified, “Dionysus is a comedic God who talks himself up quite a bit, and thinks he is the god of everything, when really he is just the god of theatre and wine.”

Dionysus has a servant named Xanthius, who is played by Claudia Germain, another member of the Senior Theatre Program. “Xanthius is Dionysus’ servant who really is the brains of the operation,” Germain said of her character.  This will be Claudia’s first lead role, and she is very excited.

Both Zandre and Claudia hope for everyone to come and see the play. The production dates are from April 26th to April 29th, all at 7:00pm. Tickets for students are $8 and $12 for adults. You can purchase tickets at the door, or you can email Mr. Schwartz to reserve tickets. Hope to see you there!