Mellow Casualty EP Release

Theo Mohamed      , A&E Editor

Shot by Cami Hill

Describing Francois Jolicoeur is like describing someone you have never met before. In each conversation I’ve had with the young artist – also my close friend – I have learned something new about his world view. He is somewhat of an enigma and has an understated air about him. When describing to me his plan to release his first solo music project he spoke about it quite matter of factly. This was shocking to me as he had kept the production of the EP on a rather covert status. He told me very little about the process and soon enough I was filled with anticipation and excitement for him to finally be releasing one of his many artistic endeavours.

Francois Jolicoeur is a senior at Kelowna Secondary School with an extensive musical background. He has had a passion for music for his entire life and has been a musician since the age of eleven when he wrote his first song. He was a member of the alt pop band Tell The Girls from 2013-2016 and has always enjoyed writing, producing, and performing music. Francois takes every chance he can to incorporate music into school projects and all aspects of his life. As he prepares to take on the responsibilities of adulthood Francois is releasing his debut solo EP Welcome To Now, February second, under the alias Mellow Casualty. The first single titled “Move On” (available for listening on SoundCloud – account name: Mellow Casualty) features an upbeat, clean, guitar riff over a synth heavy counter melody. Francois cites his most prominent songwriting influences as: Bob Dylan, The Strokes, and Kanye West. His eclectic music tastes are reflected in his own and the categorization of his songs must be left to the listener.

Album cover by Francois Jolicoeur, photo by Victoria Miller

The slightly melancholic feel of the song reflects Francois’s stance in life as he is excited, yet anxious to have his high school career come to a close. He plans to move to Vancouver and hopes to find more opportunities for creative outlets. He is also very interested in video production and has been producing his own videos from the age of thirteen. Francois is an extremely talented individual and the release of the Mellow Casualty EP is a perfect opportunity for him to showcase and refine his many ambitions. The EP was written, produced, engineered, recorded, mixed, and performed entirely by Francois and he will be releasing a lyric music video for each song. Each video was shot, edited, and directed by him as well. This EP has been a huge undertaking for Francois and he is looking forward to receiving feedback as well as council on ways to improve his production. Mellow Casualty is ready to move into the mainstream and share his art with the world.

Listen to “Welcome to Now” on SoundCloud here.

Look out for the “Welcome to Now” EP coming February second to: SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

Headline photo by Cami Hill