Iron Man Thinking About Retirement: What This Means for Fans


Katie Cetinski, Staff Writer

The latest news about Iron Man 4 has sent fans in a tizzy due to rumors of Iron Man giving up his powers. I took it upon myself as your fellow GEEK to find out the truth. I interviewed Robert Downey Jr.,who you know as Tony Stark/Iron Man about these rumors and the rest of the movie.

Robert brushed off the tales of anything too severe for his beloved superhero alias.  “Technically, in the movie, it’s Tony Stark passing on the baton to a younger but, less brilliant character,” he assured.

You may be wondering why exactly Iron Man/Tony Stark/whatever his name is would do such a thing.  “He’s just getting old…wants to retire and party and stuff,” Downey explained.

Robert Downey Jr. also said that Tony Stark might retire in the Bahamas, where he apparently has his own private island. Hopefully, no bad guys come to chase him there…(wink, wink).

Robert has met his successor for Iron Man 4, although he won’t tell us who it is. I asked him if he approves of his heir to the Iron Man empire and Downey brushed it off with a “He’ll do.”  Downey however did mention that his successor is of course, younger than him and is a ‘tiny little guy’.

Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the cast are keeping any other details top secret.

“You can find out for yourself; get the movie, watch me in action,” Robert told Geek Paradise. “You can leave when I leave.”  And so, for all of us Marvel fans out there, I guess we’ll have to wait and well, marvel as we watch Iron Man 4 when it comes out in theatres.