Mozzy: honest, hard-hitting, and making it big

Mozzy:  honest, hard-hitting, and making it big

XXL is the biggest magazine in rap culture, mostly because of the anticipation towards their segment “The Freshman Class”, a small class of new rappers and hip hop artists whose careers have begun to catch flight. I believe that unsigned artist Mozzy from Oak Park, Sacramento, California deserves to make this year’s upcoming cover. He has the fan base and has released more than enough good music to qualify.

Mozzy’s rise has been rough, being a product of an troubled community. From 2005 to 2008, Mozzy was arrested three times by the Sacramento police for possession crimes, including illegal possession of a firearm and evading police. In 2014, he was arrested again for illegal firearm possession. After leaving ‘the pen’, Mozzy decided to put all his energy into rapping, and released four solo projects in 2015. A fan favourite album is Mandatory Check. The album features some heat tracks like “Pain Killers ft. E Mozzy”, in which he opens up about his use of recreational drugs to get over the deaths of his friends, and “Love My N*ggaz ft. Kid Red”, where he talks about losing some of his closest friends. Although he has received offers to perform worldwide his parole has limited him to only performing in California.

While Mozzy can only move around in California, it hasn’t stopped him from making good decisions. He recently posted a few photos, “Souljaboy”, and “Kidred all together”.   Mozzy is going to pop off quickly after he makes the 2017 XXL freshman class, just like Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert. Mozzy has a lot of potential and it’s not a surprise he’s made it this far, but he’s only begun to climb in popularity.