A heads up in the right direction….


Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

Lauren Harrison, Writer

Over the past years in B.C schools resources have been created for students with mental health illnesses have been becoming increasingly promising. There have been many books written for teachers to learn themselves how to teach students with mental health illnesses, and have further knowledge about different kinds. As well as student self-health books have been distributed to every public libraries and school districts. Mental health has become a much more serious topic and people are now grasping a better understanding of it, however; talking about it and doing research on it is always a good thing to do.

Mental health can be a very sensitive topic, and some aren’t comfortable in a school environment talking about it. Counselors and teachers can seem like either your best friend or your worst enemy, just speaking to them is tricky. So having resources like books and documentaries in schools is a grand idea.


  • “Fighting their fears: child and youth anxiety”
  • “Beyond the blues: child and youth depression”
  • “Struggle for control: child and youth behavior disorders”
  • “A map of the mind fields: managing adolescent psychosis”

Mental illness awareness week this year is from May 1st-May 7th and I really hope the schools will make an even bigger effort for the whole week. Schools in B.C have come a long way but we have room for a lot more improvement. If you need help, seek help. If you know someone who needs help, get them help. People are not their diagnosis.