A Night With The Owls


Luisa Werneck, Writer

Thrilling, well executed and dark. Those three adjectives realistically define the play Dracula and Sherlock Holmes performed by Night Owl Theater. The unique interpretation of the well-known stories gave the audience a new perspective about them.

The first play performed was Sherlock Holmes, an interpretation of a tale written by Cindy Womack. It tells the story of when Sherlock (Jeremy Ratt) is dying and the only person he accepts help from is Mrs. Smith (Jasmine Pathak) after making some weird requests to his friend, Dr. Watson (Zandre Blondin). After a short break, Dracula started. At this time, Dracula (Alexa Rood) wants to buy a property in London and Jonathan Harker (Zandre Blondin) is the lawyer responsible for the transition, while his fiancée, Mina (Isabella Graziotto), stays with Lucy (Natasha Mudie) at home.

The actors in both plays were able to portray their characters with mastery, making spectators feel all the suspense. All the actors were excellent; furthermore, performance by Jeremy, Zandre and Claudia (whose presentation was deep) should be highlighted.

The directors did an excellent job with the actors and enhanced each short production with fantastic add-ons, like the dance of the vampires in Dracula. The lighting and the music also really helped to set the mood and tone of the plays.

One piece of constructive criticism would be to work on shortening transitions between scenes, as the long periods of darkness can serve to lose the audience.

Overall, the play was magnificent, and we look forward to the next one.15219527_10154815846585712_731088013847334273_n 15193645_10154815846595712_419267593012537436_n 15232315_10154815846750712_9218628810258339772_n 15171006_10154815846605712_2527515559874074431_n