Difference between Summerland and Kelowna


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When I moved to Kelowna in January of 2016, I loved the city and how many events and opportunities there were here. I was very excited and happy with the move. Once school started and life began to settle into its routine, I started to realize how unwelcoming and judgemental people can be in this city.

Example:  At a Tim Hortons I held the door open for other people entering, and not one person said thank you; instead they kept their heads down and walked right by me. I was shocked.

In contrast, while visiting a friend in Summerland, I went to the Tim Hortons and held the door for one old lady. She was so thankful that she bought me breakfast, and chatted up a storm with me!  While I was out for a walk in the area, everyone I passed said hello or stopped to have a conversation with me, even though we didn’t know each other! Everyone was so extremely kind there.

So it makes me think, what is up with Kelowna? Why is there such a drastic change in kindness between the two cities only 30 minutes apart?  Is it that Kelowna is bigger than Summerland?  Bigger means less personal?

Everyone is itching to move to Kelowna, but personally I am itching to move to Summerland! Kindness is so powerful.