Supernatural: The end is near


Jovenica Hodgson, Writer

One of the main cast members of Supernatural recently said that the end of the show was near. The show recently celebrated its 11 year anniversary. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the show may be ending soon. In its 12th season, which will be coming out this fall, it will break the record for the 2nd longest running Sci-Fi series. I think it’s safe to say the show has had a pretty good stretch. Still, fans were shocked when they heard star Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the show, say he didn’t see Supernatural going on for 11 more seasons in a recent interview with us. We got a huge response from that interview. Numerous fans were asking us to release the full interview. Your wish is our command. Therefore, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on our meeting with Misha Collins.
The interview started off pretty light. We asked him who his inspiration is. Originally he joked and said himself, in true Misha fashion. However, later on in the interview we got him to confess the truth. Unsurprisingly, he said his inspirations are his two cast members, Jared and Jensen. Misha said that they’ve help him grow a lot as an actor. He also unwillingly admitted they’ve helped him grow a lot as a person.

To learn more about his relationship with the boys we asked him what the most important thing he’s learned from them would be. Again, he gave us some fake answer that put us into tears from laughter. Later on we got the truth out of him, and he admitted he learned how much of an impact they have on people’s lives. Which is why now he uses his impact on people for good. He’s been breaking records with his charity Gishwhes. There’s no doubt that he’s used his fame to help those less fortunate than him, as you can tell by the multiple charities he’s a part of.

As the interview progressed we started to ask him more personal questions. “When did you learn you wanted to be an actor?” This may not seem personal to most. However, I believe it’s the most personal question you can ask an actor. We found out he actually developed his love for acting in the acting classes he used to take in high school. Even though he tried to pursue other careers he always came back to acting in the end.

The next question we asked him is a question we suspect he’s been asked a hundred times, but we had to know for ourselves. Supernatural has been an outrageously popular show. Very few shows even make it past season 5. This show is continuing onto its 12th. We asked him why he thought Supernatural was such a huge success. He replied with the simple answer. He said the reason people love Supernatural is that it’s “relatable”. It might be a show about angels, demons, and god knows what else, yet they deal with things that will occur in all of our lives; that is anger, loss, death, fear, happiness and everything in between.

Our last question to him was asking where he saw himself in 10 years. His answer was and I quote “Not doing Supernatural,” which didn’t come as a shock to us. However, it sure did to the fans. They couldn’t believe it. They reacted as you would if the world was ending, but I guess part of their world was in a way. Like Collins said before, the show has a huge impact on people’s lives. Because of this, I guess we shouldn’t have been shocked to hear people were devastated to hear the show may be ending soon, but may I remind you we still may have 9 years?!