Kanye’s Saint Pablo Best Night of My Life

Kanye's Saint Pablo Best Night of My Life

Victoria Miller, A&E Writer

On October 18th, I went to the Kanye West in Vancouver, a concert packed with almost 18,000 people side by side singing the songs that saved their lives and kept them hustling. Now, as soon as I said Kanye West you probably had an automatic opinion. Try to clear that strong opinion up and read this with an open mind.
First and foremost, I am a supporter of Kanye West. I support how he is an unfiltered voice of the media, unrestricting by the people that run the marketing, and not blinded by politics and business, instead using them strategically to his advantage. But I have to say, this performance was absolutely not his best. His Saint Pablo Tour is the worst tour that he has had so far.

Kanye studies and researches the history and art of staging, so he respects his job not only to imitate, but to innovate as an artist. Thus, all of his tours have been about having an elaborate set design and stage effects. He understands the power of a good set, and in the past his sets have always been an elaborate visual companion to the vu vulnerable work. But this tour was lacking in those traits almost completely. If you haven’t already seen the pictures everywhere on social media, he performed on a moving, floating stage above the audience. Underneath the stage is a sea of people enjoying themselves in the mosh pit. Now, I sat so close to the mosh pit that I was practically in it and even then my personal view on the tour is: if you do not have tickets to the mosh pit, you’re gonna regret it for the rest of your life. Being in the mosh pit is the only reason you would go to this show, and that’s coming from someone who sat right next to it. I will give it to Kanye, this was his most intimate staging in the perspective that the audience is your stage, but I would never call this a performance. The people below the stage didn’t get to see him half the concert.

Kanye is constantly breaking new grounds with his stage settings. His past tours have been using bodies as props and stage pieces, utilizing a multi screen experience unlike anything ever seen. We know that Kanye has the power to make an extravagant performance, so this proves that this tour was pure laziness. Maybe he feels the he has earned it, maybe he’s trying to make money, but either way I think that this was genius move on his part.

As a die hard Kanye West fan, I can see how critics would slaughter him for this choice, but I also 1000% understand why someone would want to go sit underneath the feet of his floating stage and not see his face.

Kanye West’s fans know him as a God, and he certainly is a godly like figure in my eyes. How I see it, I paid 260$ to be in his presence and be in the same crowd that understands and appreciates all he does for the world. I paid 260$ to be in an environment where I can say that I am a proud Kanye West fan and be preached, not questioned. The vibes at the show were like no other. It was unity and pure dopiness. Walking through the halls, you could really see how Kanye is the future. Each person wearing the latest shoes, the best and updated streetwear style you’ve ever seen, all feeling appreciated in an atmosphere where everybody simply gets it.

The Saint Pablo tour was the best night of my life as a die hard Kanye West fan, but the reviewers may not think so. If the fans walked out of that arena feeling inspired, motivated and free, at the end of the day, does it really matter what the critics think?