Who`s Running This Thing, Anyways?


Matthew Abrey, Writer

Believe it or not, Justin Trudeau is not our Head of State. Nor is he our Commander in Chief. Now this may come as a surprise to most selfie-taking, Starbucks-drinking, misinformed Canadians, but it`s true: Our Prime Minister is not our Head of State. Because we are a Constitutional Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II is our Head of State, Commander in Chief, and Head of Parliament.

Those are some pretty huge responsibilities.

So why is the public not behind the monarchy in Canada? Well there are a couple different reasons. For starters, Her Majesty the Queen does not usually involve herself in Canadian politics. Although she makes it her business to keep up-to-date with our affairs, she doesn`t really need to intervene. Because to be perfectly honest, we`re doing a pretty bang-up job of it ourselves. (Compared to most other countries, at least.) But for an institution with so much supreme power, why do Canadians bitch and complain about a “waste of tax dollars” every time The Royals visit one of their beautiful territories? The institution of the monarchy is literally the foundation on which our country stands. The Monarchy has guided our way of life, and are fully willing and prepared to protect it, if need be. So why, tell me why, do the people of Canada constantly bash the monarchs when they come to visit, when they provide a glowing example of stability and protection? All over a few million dollars at the most every year?

A recent report revealed that the cost of maintaining the monarchy worked out to $1.10 a Canadian. That`s like what? A quarter of a latte? That`s pretty small price to pay to keep our country as it is. And for those who think I`m over-exaggerating, think about this: The United States of America, who now have no ties to the British Monarchy, elect their Commander in Chief and Head of State every 4 years. And as we have seen in the last year or so, that can cause some serious problems. But luckily, Canadians don`t have that problem.

We have a mother-like figure watching over us. Letting us grow up and make our own mistakes, but always being there when we need her. Just in case things get out of control over here.

So isn`t $1.10 a year a tiny inconvenience to pay when our mother comes to visit?