Unfair Rap for Rap

Unfair Rap for Rap

Brendan Large, News, Opinion

There’s no question that parents tend to hate the next generation’s music. From Elvis to N.W.A, music that pushes boundaries always meets resistance by those who don’t appreciate what they are trying to create. Many people are quick to judge the next generations music, and don’t see that what they are making is art. A lot of these people who are saying these things about rap, are the same people who had to convince there parents that rock music is a form of art.

If you compare rap to other genres of music, you can see that it is just as artistic, creative and original. Of course, there are songs that lack these qualities such as “Panda” by Desiigner, but this is not unique to rap. If you listen to “We Will Rock You” by Queen, you can see that is has the same, or even less artistic qualities as a typical rap song. Even with modern country, after listeningToby Keith, you can get the idea that there isn’t always a deep meaning.

Rap gets a bad reputation because of its sometimes controversial lyrical content, but this is a stereotype and is like saying all country songs talk about trucks and girls, or all rock songs talk about is sex and drugs. It is true that rap has its fair share of negative lyrics, but there are plenty of rap songs that have insightful, poetic and creative lyrics. There are plenty of rock songs that have lyrics, which wouldn’t exactly be considered a political message. A perfect example of that could be demonstrated by the lyrics “I, wanna rock and roll all night, and party everyday” by Kiss; this has absolutely no message behind it other than to party everyday and every night. Songs like “Jump Man” by Drake and Future don’t have much of a deep meaning either, but this just shows how the two genres share many similarities.

Additionally, there are many examples of how beautiful rap lyrics can be. For instance, artists like Capital Steez or Joey Badass would not be your stereotypical rappers, but rappers like these are definitely not uncommon throughout the genre. There are tons of rappers putting out extremely artistic content that isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, while rappers like Migos become famous for making songs like “bricks”, giving rap a bad name.

Even though there is an abundance of terrible rap song whose sole inspiration is to party, there are tons of songs that have just as poetic, artistic and creative lyrics and instrumentals as any rock, country or pop song.