Encounters with an Apparition

Encounters with an Apparition

Breanne Hotzon

Nobody is sure whether or not ghosts are fact or fiction, but a lot of people claim to have had supernatural encounters. Whether it is the feeling of being watched, the temperature in the room abruptly fluctuating or seeing a silhouette, many believe that they are being visited or haunted by a spirit. My cousin, Shannon, had an encounter with an apparition when she was younger and states that it was one of the most frightening moments in her life.

As a child, Shannon was always extremely close to her grandmother, who she called Nanny. Many of Shannon’s childhood memories link back to her grandmother, saying that she was one of the bubbliest women you’d ever meet, absolutely filled with character. She never got mad at Shannon. In fact, Shannon wasn’t even sure if anger was one of her grandmother’s emotions. One day, however, when Shannon was at the beach with her parents and friend, she suddenly became extremely ill. She began throwing up, and when her mother approached to comfort her, Shannon pushed out the words, “I think Nanny just died”. Later that day, the family went over to the grandmother’s house. Shannon sat outside as she continued to feel violently ill. When her mother came out of the house, she staggered over to Shannon. She looked up at her mom and sobbed “Nanny’s dead, isn’t she?” She was, and Shannon’s mother was in complete disbelief at how her daughter had known what had happened.

When she was older, Shannon didn’t spend much time thinking of her grandmother. She was too depressed by the stress in her life that she found herself hardly holding on to the will to live. She was now thirty years old with no children, she and her husband were struggling with finances and her family was nowhere around to support her.

“There are moments in everybody’s lives were the thoughts of suicide come into mind, but they never actually do it because there is a desire deep down inside to stop them, to make them want to keep living. But in my case, I had reached a place so low that my entire being just wanted me to die.”

She was driving down a highway when she decided that she would end her life. Dealing with everyday life became too difficult and she thought that if she couldn’t handle it now, there would be no way that she would be able to handle more stress in the future. With that thought, she pushed down the gas pedal; putting her vehicle at a speed of about 240 km/h. Shannon’s car hit a dip in the road that was partially flooded by the rain, causing her car to spin out. She let go of the wheel and watched as she began hurling straight into the direction of a massive tree – a certain death. However, with a few seconds left before the impact, an apparition of Shannon’s grandmother appeared in the windshield. She had a look of complete rage and disgust on her face as she mouthed the word “No” at Shannon. This terrified her, causing her to grab hold of the steering wheel and veer her car out of the tree’s path.

“I had never seen my Nanny look at me like that while she was alive, ever. I think that if I had seen a ghost of her smiling, I would’ve just let myself hit that tree, but there was something about her expression that scared me back into reality.”

Shannon knows now that she had so much to live for – the children that she later brought into the world, all the traveling that she has done, the accomplishments she has made and all of the happy memories she has been able to share with friends and family. Many people, young and old, go through depression, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as Shannon’s story goes to show.