My Happiness Bible

My Happiness Bible

Rachel Bostock

Summer’s almost here, and for many of us that means a brighter, happier time. To others, like myself, spring is a sort of rebirth; a fresh breath that comes as a reminder that life is good. As our hearts lift and our skin becomes familiar with the sun once again, everything feels a little better. It was almost precisely a year ago when I made the favourable decision to break my winter hibernation. I headed for a stroll downtown in the crisp air, making sure not to miss an opportunity to visit the book store. Checking the bargain bin (a well-known favourite for the unemployed) I discovered what I now refer to as my happiness bible.

This little gem, by Barbara Ann Kipfer is titled “14,000 Things to be Happy About” and is a 611 page list of life’s little joys. A young Kipfer began writing in a notebook in sixth grade, and spent the next forty years of her life compiling every simple experience that brought her jubilance. The result was an irresistibly adorable and quirky mini-book. With its small size, this book fits in any bag or purse, making it your perfect life companion.

Now, if you know me, you probably know that I’m quite obsessive about organization; so I made a sort of project for myself. With three different coloured highlighters and a desire for change in my life, I vowed to read the entire book and highlight everything that stood out. I started by writing a key on the first page indicating what each colour of highlighter meant. Yellow for simple pleasures often overlooked, pink for special moments and things, and blue for anything I want to try or experience. Now having accomplished my little project, I genuinely have a new outlook on life. I find myself laughing until I cry, and when people give me weird looks, I simply laugh a little louder. Kipfer perfectly describes this new outlook as the realization that, “happiness comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life”.

The popularity of “14,000 Things to be Happy About” is ever increasing, and can be found at nearly any chain of bookstores. So with spring present and the birds playfully chirping away, I encourage you to buy this lovely little life-changer, and start your road to a new, happier you.

Some of my favourite entries include:
• Waking up and being able to go back to sleep
• The patter of rain
• Uproarious laughter that must be forcibly squelched due to its inappropriateness in a situation
• Running over a piece of lint a dozen times while vacuuming, continuing to give the vacuum a “chance”
• Kicking off your shoes and splashing your feet in a fountain
• Extremely tiny pancakes formed from the batter that fell off the ladle
• The cool underside of a pillow