If a Vegan Does Crossfit, Which One Do They Talk About?


Rachel Bostock, Healthy Living writer

A few clicks through social media and you’ll find people disclosing all sorts of information about themselves (and undoubtedly a few pictures of salad.) Be it what we ate for lunch, or how we feel about the weather, we as humans just love to talk about ourselves. So much so in fact that healthandtime.com says we spend nearly 40% of conversation talking about ourselves. Another recent study, done by Harvard University’s psychology department, shows that humans actually get a bio-chemical buzz from self-disclosure. This is the very sustenance social media thrives from. Back when MySpace first hit the web, people were suddenly given the opportunity to instantly share anything with the click of a button. Since then, social media has flourished. With the ongoing growth of ways to share our lives, combined with our society’s current health craze, it’s no wonder topics like veganism and crossfit have taken over.

I’m not looking to criticize, I was once vegetarian myself (an experience that ended with low self control and a really good pulled pork sandwich), but I do find it interesting that no matter how little the people around us care, we just can’t help from feeling the need to share our lives. Research shows that the same brain circuits that are fired by food and money are also triggered by self-disclosure. With the top New Years Resolution for 2016 among Canadians being to “live a healthier lifestyle”, perhaps we can expect to hear even more from the world of fitness this year. I know you’re dreading to hear people talk about their new diet, but hey, we can’t help it, it feels good to talk about ourselves.