This Masterful Mess Macklemore Made

This Masterful Mess Macklemore Made

By: Akeem Johnston, Arts & Entertainment

Macklemore has faced mighty criticism since the release of his multi-platinum debut album “The Heist”. Rap purists ripped him apart after he defeated Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys, he was ridiculed for his less than stellar lyrics on “Thrift Shop” and his skills as a rapper were in question. This was supposed to be the album that changed all that. Macklemore was done with the pop success he received from his first album and was ready to prove why he was deemed one of the hottest new rappers of XXL’s Freshman List in 2012.

“Light Tunnels” was an amazing start on this journey as Macklemore speaks on winning the Grammy’s and the problems it caused. Then we get to the Macklemore that divides his fans. As a rap purist songs like “Downtown” feels like a pop song with lyrics that are far less than stellar (rhyming tiramisu with tearing my suit) and revels in his flow on top of Ryan Lewis’ amazing beat. The most continuous part of the album is Ryan Lewis’ eclectic yet astonishing beats. He needs to get more love as an unreal producer that helms Macklemore’s success.

Macklemore has songs that are an astonishingly remarkable portrayal of real life problems (Growing Up, Kevin, White Privilege II) with nonsensical dance songs (Downtown, Brad Pitt’s Cousin, Dance Off). If Macklemore could find a way to harness his lyrical creativity and use that on his more pop records there would be no stopping him. At the moment he is drifting through two very different worlds, and until he picks a side his albums will never have the continuity to be declared great. Macklemore may be one of the most socially conscious rappers at this moment but every step he takes forward leads to another step back.

Rating: 3.5/5