Rap made it to the Oval Office?



Leonard Conradson, Arts & Entertainment

I don’t think anyone ever expected rap to make it all the way to the white house, but Kendrick Lamar made it happen. Barack Obama invited Kendrick Lamar to the white house, they mostly talked about a project they’re;re working to support project pay it forward .

The main purpose of this project is to make sure inner city youth get positive mentors in there lives, instead of looking up to negative influences like drug dealers and gang members. There website is (http://projectpayitforward.org) Besides this, Obama also stated that his favorite song of 2015 was ‘how much a dollar cost’ by Kendrick Lamar. The song is about Kendrick not wanting to give an old man begging on the streets of South Africa any money because he strongly believes he will just go spend it on crack, but it turns out that this man is God talking to him. The song represents the struggle of what to do in a situation when someone is in need, but what there in need of is self damaging. This homeless man who is God seems to be searching for his own self-destruction, and Kendrick is trying to convey how he’s torn between whether he helps the man continue his addiction or whether he doesn’t help him feed his habit.

The message of this song seems to be that it’s hard to act correctly according to his god because, God is never there to tell you what to do. Obama as a religious man finds himself being able to relate to this message a lot and that’s why I believe he named it the best song of 2015.

And that is how rap made it to the White House.