No New Movies Being Made

No New Movies Being Made

Cory de Roos, Contributing Writer

In many ways people would describe acting and theatrical arts as being very much alive, but what I have recently seen has made me question that statement.

There was a time when actors and actresses who were revered for their talents in film and theatre were the ones who were able to pluck at our emotions and make us feel something. Now it seems that the only thing we look for in films is who can make the biggest explosion. Sadly the whole genre of drama and serious films is starting to fade into the lesser known and is steadily losing popularity every day.

Think about it, when was the last time you saw a movie that truly made you feel something and made you stop and think about the film and what its message was? Hell, when was the last time you even saw a movie with a message.

There’s no doubt that the world has changed significantly since Shakespeare wrote his revered masterpieces, but has art evolved for the better? Or are we just living in an age where we recycle the same stories in hopes of seeing a more epic version than the last one?

While there was a time when the action film was new, original and had a novelty to it, that time seems to have passed for it seems as though I am watching the same movie over and over again. For example, does this sound familiar to you? “ On a post apocalyptic earth where humans have evacuated the planets surface due to a war with extra terrestrials, Humans unfamiliar with the planet surface must fight for survival.” Now what did you think of after reading that synopsis? Did u think of Oblivion, After Earth, or maybe the hit TV show the 100? All of these fit the synopsis I provided, it seems like the same thing is just being rehashed with some new elements added in here and there.

If you agree with me, I would like to challenge you to try to be original with your ideas and give the world some new content. Maybe then we will see some original movies rolling out of Hollywood.