Reel Horror

Reel Horror

Shylo Sheppard, What's Trending writer, News

Based on a True Story

With Halloween right around the corner horror films are all the rage. Who doesn’t like to relax, curl up in bed and watch a classic scary movie? There’s a sense of safety while the credits are rolling, knowing that none of what you just witnessed was real. But, what if I told you it was? Most of your favourite horror flicks are actually based off or inspired from real life events. Here are just a few movies that you may lose sleep over.

The Amityville Horror House: The movie follows the newly-wed Lutz family as they move into their new house, a previous murder scene. Soon after getting settled the family starts experiencing strange phenomenons and they start to become unhinged. The true story begins with the DeFeo family who lived at 112 Ocean Avenue, New York. On November 13, 1974 Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. took his fathers shotgun and systematically murdered his family, including his two parents, two younger sisters and two younger brothers. He then continued on with his day, getting cleaned up and heading to work. But, later that night Butch walking into a local bar screaming of how his family had been murdered. Police flocked to the scene and found all six bodies, arresting Butch within a few days. A year later, on December 18, 1975 the real Lutz family moved in. Within a few days the family began experiencing supernatural occurrences including; strange noises, slime oozing from walls, a fowl odour, large amounts of flies and disembodied voices. The father claimed to wake in the middle of the night hearing music and gun shots and the youngest daughter of the Lutz family (who had no knowledge of the previous murders) had an imaginary friend named Jody, who coincidentally shares the same name as the DeFeo’s daughter. The Lutz family fled the house after a mere 28 days in the house.

Psycho/ Silence of the Lamb/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre: All three of these infamous films were inspired by the work of serial killer and grave robber, Ed Gein. Gein was active between the years 1954-1957. He is well known for the sick creations he created with human body parts and flesh. Similar to Leatherface, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Gein would make attire from his victims, such as a flesh mask and vest complete with womens’ breasts. He also inspired Norman Bates of Psycho. Gein literally worshipped and lived for his mother. He also later on began identifying as female and possessed some feminine qualities. The freak has inspired many other movies as well due to his nauseating hobbies.

The Girl Next Door: This follows the unspeakable torture, abuse and horror of a teen girl in the care of her psychopathic aunt. Many people ended up witnessing the crime but never reported the events to the police. This was actually based off a true story. In 1964, 15-year-old Sylvia Likens and her sister were sent to live with their aunt, Gertrude Baniszweski, as a result of her parents joining a carnival; not knowing she was a sadistic psychopath. Baniszweski began to repeatedly abuse and torture Sylvia. Within time the neighbourhood kids and Sylvia’s own siblings accompanied her aunt in the abuse. Sylvia eventually died at 16 tied up in her aunts’ basement due to malnutrition, shock and a brain hemorrhage.
A Nightmare on Elm Street: The well known film focuses on mad man, Freddy Krueger, a who terrorize teens in their dreams. Director, Wes Kravens got inspriration for his acclaimed movie after reading a series of articles in the LA Times, focusing on immigrant men from South East Asia who were dying in their sleep. The third victim was the son of a physician. He refused to sleep and kept telling everyone “No, you don’t understand; I’ve had nightmares before – this is different”. The boy ended up staying awake for six to seven days straight, but eventually crashed while watching TV with his family. With a sigh of relief his parents carried him up to his bed. Then in the middle of the night horror struck when the family heard crashing and screaming coming from the room of their sleeping son. By the time they got to the bedroom he was dead. But, the strangest part of it all is that autopsy reports show no sign of a heat attack, but really the boy had simply died in the middle of his nightmare.
There you have it, you’re favourite horror flicks ruined by yours truly. And this is just a minuscule portion of true stories I saw while surfing the internet, there’s plenty more where these came from. So stay safe this halloween and try not to have any horror movies based off of you.