A Foray into the World of Modern Artists


Kya Hansen, Various

Martine Johanna  

Martine Johanna is a Dutch artist, born and residing in Amsterdam. A former fashion designer, Johanna quit her job in 2008 to pursue her true passion as a visual artist. Although most of the talent came naturally, she received some help from the school ArtEZ Arnhem, where she graduated.

Johanna’s website: http://martinejohanna.com/

Malcolm Liepke 

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1953, Malcolm Liepke was mainly self-taught. The main focus of his pieces is usually everyday women with a bit of tasteful nudity. His media of choice is oil paints.

Some of Liepke’s art: https://www.artsy.net/artist/malcolm-t-liepke


This street-artist is known as “Banksy”, as his real identity remains unknown. From what we do know, he was born in 1974 in Bristol, England. Most of his artwork contains political aspects and is known to be very controversial.

Banksy’s website: http://banksy.co.uk/

Alex Garant

Alex Garant is a Canadian surrealist artist. Mostly know for her “Double Eyes” painting, an effect where the portrait looks as if it has another face floating away from the main subject, creating an interesting optical illusion. Garant graduated from Notre-Dame-De-Foy College, but didn’t fully commit to her artwork until she experienced a heart attack in 2012 which made her see the world differently.

Alex Garant’s website: http://www.alexgarant.com/