Disney Is Life

Disney Is Life

Looking back at childhood memories there’s always that one phase you specifically remember when you were so obsessed with your favorite toy, movie, character, etc. that it basically became your life. For a lot of people that love was for Disney.

Disney movies have been around since the 1920s and still continue to warm our hearts with all their magic. Some of the movies are actually meant to relate to current standards of society believe it or not! A student explained, ““Like true love does exist and with some of the newer ones it says you don’t need a man, and independent women kind of thing going on. In the Frozen one it was sisterly love, it didn’t have to be a man.”

Unlike the older Disney movies with the princess, Frozen shared once again the importance of family and that love is not just about two people falling in love and getting married. Instead, Frozen gave another amazing example of true love which can be found between family members. When Anna got struck was struck in the heart by ice, she was brought back home right away to have an act of true love from Hans. Anna tho an act of love meant a kiss from a man she had known for a few but later finds out it wasn’t. As a consequence, Anna was locked away in a room with her snowman friend Olaf to literally freeze to death. Being the good friend he is, snowman or not, Olaf starts a fire and helps Anna get close to it to keep warm. When Anna realized that the heat could melt Olaf she told him to leave, but he didn’t. Olaf risked his own safety for Anna and then explained to her what he thought was true love, “love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” Olaf put Anna’s needs before his own and near the end of the movie Anna did the same for her sister Elsa, by risking her life to save Elsa from Hans sword. Anna’s act of true love for her sister was what saved everyone, not a man kissing a damsel in distress.

Of course, finding the deeper meaning behind all Disney movies was hard to do as a five year old, but that’s the beauty of them! You can never outgrow them because when you re-watch them you see the story at a whole new angle. One grade ten student stated, “Yes, there’s a lot of meaning to Disney movies[,] and I believe that the makers of Disney[movies] make it that way so that way when you watch it when you’re older you can see the true story underneath it.” When you first watch them when you’re younger it’s all about the fun and laughter, but it’s when you’re older you realize there’s more to the story than talking furniture or animals. In finding Nemo, there was a crazy adventure with talking sea turtles and friendly sharks. It’s all fun and games to seven year olds and younger, but if watched again, it shows the tear-jerking story of a father who will swim through all obstacles to find his son Nemo, with the help of his new friend Dory of course. In the movie, you can see the theme of the story is that family comes for each other, and even when all hope seems lost you just keep swimming!

Some people may argue that Disney is “lame” or “pointless to watch”, but in reality Disney is an ongoing journey that can take us all somewhere special. When another grade ten student was explaining why they like to watch Disney movies they said, Well just whenever I’m really sad I like to watch Disney movies because it reminds of childhood and also makes me feel warm inside.” Disney movies are constant reminders that even in the darkest moments there is hope for something better, following your heart can lead you to amazing things and love can come in all kinds of ways. Disney entertains us through childhood, and then reminds of what’s really important as we get older. If you haven’t watched a Disney movie yet, find one ASAP because not only will the right Disney movie be full of hilarious adventure and fun, but might also be the comfort you needed through a difficult time.