Night Owl Theatre Company Presents: Charlotte’s Web


“… I don’t understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place. When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle.”  -from the novel Charlotte’s Web

For the past few months, KSS’s Night Owl Theatre Company has been working tirelessly to put on their second feature production of the year. The childhood classic Charlotte’s Web is to be put to life on stage by our very own KSS students. Exploring themes of friendship, kindness, and loyalty, Charlotte’s Web is sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. KSS Censor This! recently got the chance to catch up with the director and some of the featured actors regarding the upcoming performances.

We asked grade eleven actor Aaron Lum, who stars as the “humble, radiant, and terrific” pig Wilbur, what the best part of putting on Charlotte’s Web has been.

Aaron: “I love getting to hang out with my friends everyday in rehearsals. Of course it’s a lot of work, but the show is tons of fun. Plus, I get to channel my inner pig!” he added with a laugh.

We then chatted with grade twelve student Sophie Marie, who stars as the beloved spider Charlotte, asking what she enjoys about being in the company.

Sophie: “Being in the company has led me to meet so many people. Sometimes things get a bit haphazard, but everything is a learning process.”

Finally, we got the chance to speak with director Ms. Holmwood, a.k.a. KSS’s renowned drama teacher, about why she chose Charlotte’s Web as the spring production.

Ms. Holmwood: “When choosing Charlotte’s Web for the Night Owl Theatre Company, I wanted a meaningful play with broad appeal, well-loved characters, and challenges for the acting company and production team. This classic tale of friendship, community and the natural world was a perfect fit. Through the eyes of the farm characters, author E. B. White asks us to slow down and look closely at the ordinary things in life – only then can we truly appreciate the miracles that happen everyday, and the miracle of life, itself.”

If you want to come out and watch the show, tickets are available at the door or through [email protected]. Opening night is Wednesday April 29 at 7pm, and after that it will be running every night at 7pm until May 2.