‘Tell the Girls’ Poised to Release New EP


Tell the Girls

In 1981, Brian Johnson sang the words, “For those about to rock, we salute you”. Now, in an era when the music industry is dominated by meaningless , overproduced songs about drugs and the lower areas of the human anatomy, independent musicians all over the world and in our community are continually working towards having their message heard by anyone willing to lend them their ears. One of these bands is Kelowna’s Tell the Girls.

The band (which celebrated its first birthday in February) started out when Antony Knight, Brandon Campbell, and Tieghan Desson were asked to be the backing band for a pop vocalist in late 2013. When their musical chemistry became obvious, the band members decided to put their talents into a new group, and to explore the possibility of playing some original music. It was then that Knight suggested recruiting guitarist Francois Jolicoeur, and with a complete lineup, they switched into sixth gear.

Within two months they had already written enough original songs to start playing shows. Shortly after, the band went into the studio to begin recording their first EP. “It was immediate” says Jolicoeur ,”from the first rehearsal we all had together it was obvious that we had the potential to create some really cool stuff”.

After a summer of writing, recording and playing shows (including winning first place in the Westside Daze talent competition and second place in the IPE talent competition), the band continues to charge onwards, never letting their trajectory falter. “I want Tell the Girls to be an unforgettable part of my life,” says Knight. “And as much as I want to remember it, I want others to remember Tell the Girls as well”.

Currently, the band is preparing for the release of their long awaited debut EP, but they already have a new ambition in mind: “to make a great full album and have as much fun as we can along the way” says Campbell. Jolicoeur agrees, “Right now we have a ton of songs that we’ve had a blast sharing in our live shows, so making the full album and finally having these ideas in a tangible form is an obvious next step”.

Regardless of any ups and downs of the world around them, the objective seems to remain unaffected. Four guys playing real instruments trying to share what they have to say through their songs. “I want us as musicians to leave our mark on the world,” says Knight ,”whether or not we achieve popularity is irrelevant”.