Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane


Reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane is like opening a coconut, it’s good once you get into it, but the beginning is tough. The main character is a man who is remembering his past when he goes to his closest friend, Lettie’s house. Upon reaching the pond that she called the ocean, he starts to remember when they first met. He was seven at the time and his life was not an easy one, it was more of a “hill and gully ride”.

We all know that it’s rough being a 7 year old boy, but it’s even harder when you’re in England and your family doesn’t have any money. This little boy loses his room so his parents can earn enough money to keep the beautiful land that he calls home. Unfortunately it’s not that the situation that makes it completely difficult, but it’s each person that enters in and out of his room. Consequently he is moving further away from his parents. You really need your parents when you’re young, just to guide you in everything. He uses books to fill that empty space which is left there, along with his friend named Lettie, and trust me when I say that she may be a girl, but she will protect her friend no matter what. That is exactly how these two people all of a sudden became friends.

Going further into the story he is greeted by a friendly lady name Ursula Monkton, but you should not believe everything she says because she just wants to give people what they want and not what they need in their lives. She is a threat to the world and only the little boy and the Hempstock women believe how dangerous she is. The little boy went through a lot when he finally told his father the truth about what Ursula Monkton is, but what did he get in telling the truth? He nearly dies because his father was drowning him. So he did what any 7 year old would do if someone tried to kill them. He ran. He ran away from his home, his family and especially from Ursula Monkton.

Overall it’s an interesting book, even though it took so long to reach the fun and exciting part. It was still enjoyable in the end; it shows what a lot of people want and need in life. It shows that you should not have just one perspective and should have mainly two: an adult perspective and a child’s perspective, but if you are just a child try to act more mature than you are or try to think of the right thing to do. Be like the boy and whatever you do, do not let go.