Top 20 Places to Visit in Your 20’s 

Top 20 Places to Visit in Your 20's 

Before College, after High School, or just to take some time for yourself, everyone should experience the wonders of travel. Traveling while your young means you can afford to take the risks associated with travelling. All over the world, there are places people have never even heard of that have the most incredible characteristics and sceneries. Perhaps you like adventure or sports. Maybe you’d love to visit a giant library or feel white sand in-between your toes. This is a list of the top 20 places to visit in your 20’s.

  1. Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan. Are you a cat lover? If not, visit anyway! Dreams have come true for cat lovers- a town filled with cats. This lush village in Taiwan has over 100 cats roaming the roads and making everyone go “AWWWWW!”
  2. Manhattan, New York. Yes, the city of lights is a popular tourist destination for a reason. You’ll come for the pizza (they have the BEST pizza) and stay for the architecture, history, and of course the people you’ll meet on the subway.
  3. Cape Town, South Africa. The city is stunning, and the history involves a prison. Cape Town will help you relax through meditation and festive people. The city often reinvents itself, and the people who visit, seeking to find freedom and self-worth.
  4. North Coast, California. Magnificent whales, sun-happy sea lions, and foamy waves strewn with kelp basically sums up the North Coast of California. You can also hike through fields of wildflowers and epic cliffs to take your mind off life at home.
  5. Namibia. In 2013, the countries 79 conservatories received the prestigious “Gift to the Earth” award from the World Wildlife Fund. You can take a trip on an epic safari to see endangered but protected Rhinos and other wild animals.
  6. Quang Binh, Vietnam. “Son Doong Cave” is the largest cave in the world, and is located in the beautiful and lush city of Quang Binh. I’ll be honest, you need to have deep pockets to visit the breathtaking cave, but the trip is worth it. The cave stretches high enough to accommodate a 40-story skyscraper. Tourists and tour guides have spotted monkeys, Hornbill’s, and Flying Foxes in the beautiful cave.
  7. Ishigaki, Japan. Ishigaki is an island in Japan, far away from the bustling town of Tokyo. You can kick back and surf the many undiscovered beaches and explore reefs. Just because Ishigaki is quiet, doesn’t mean it’s completely deserted from the world. Large airports and restaurants populate the shore, while still maintaining a quiet atmosphere.
  8. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This stunning place has a volcano, a temple, and a shrine. What more could anyone ask for? The flourishing place in central Japan draws in crowds from all over the world to see the soft-serve ice-cream-like Hindu shrines of Prambanan. Warning, the volcano isn’t completely dormant, as it erupted in 2013, but wouldn’t a volcanic eruption make an amazing story if you lived to tell the tale?
  9. Tahoe, Calif. Since 2004, 1 billion has been poured into making an empty frozen mountain into a breathtaking ski hill. Tahoe rests beside a lake, named after the place, and might be a backdrop for the 2026 Winter Olympics.
  10. Aspen, Colo. If you’re still feeling adventurous, Aspen is the perfect destination for biking trails and hiking. Aspen was designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, and is meant to reflect the mountain experience. The mountain also includes sculpture gardens and galleries.
  11. Umea, Sweden. If you are into Hardcore and Heavy Metal music, this place is perfect for your destination. Umea definitely relies on its music for its personality, for there are many festivals that happen each year. Visual arts are also included.
  12. Xishuangbanna, China. A lot to take in, but is an incredibly beautiful place to see. “X” is China’s wilder frontier, and is much greener compared to the pollution in the bigger cities in China.
  13. Athens, Greece. The beautiful city was hit hard by the global economic crisis, but still stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can see old and new structures like the Acropolis, the Caryatids statues and the new National Museum of Contemporary Art opened in a former brewery complex.
  14. Barahona, Dominican Republic. This is “A scenic, low-key destination on the verge of discovery” says a tourist. The secluded spot has plans to expand into the jungle, while keeping a quiet atmosphere. A tree house can be found between some palm trees, so you can really feel like you live in the jungle.
  15. Arctic Circle. Many people enjoy beaches and hiking trails, but if you are looking for a dangerous adventure, the Arctic Circle is perfect for your vacation. The darkest months- from September through March- you are able to see the stunning Northern Lights better than any camera could possibly capture. Hotels are included so you won’t freeze.
  16. Subotica, Serbia. The Balkan Peninsula has a wine culture that goes back hundreds of years. In your 20’s you’re legally allowed to drink, kick back, and enjoy the spa that is included in many hotels. Wine isn’t all that’s featured. The hills and mountains that are dressed with fog in the morning clear at night. They make beautiful family photos along with the giant vineyards.
  17. Elsinore, Denmark. Museums might not sound like much fun to most people, but the museum in Denmark leaves all visitors in awe. The Maritime Museum of Denmark is a glassy structure built into rock with slanted floors and zigzag passageways that lead to many things. Maritime relics like torpedoes, pirate Lego-ships, even electronic maps and films. You can also navigate the starts and ink a sailor’s tattoo. The possibilities are truly endless for this historical place.
  18. Cartmel, England. Many people like food. Cartmel takes food one-step further, making the town a culinary destination known highly to nearby places like London. All food is grown fresh on a nearby farm, and includes cheese and sticky toffee pudding on the menu. With the cozy setting, you won’t leave hungry.
  19. Pompeii, Rome. The infamous city is known for the citizens you still see after two-thousand years. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD; the heat and lava from the eruption killed the people, while the ash covered their bodies, creating a cast around them as the bodies decomposed. You can still see the people that lay there, and the architecture that will amaze you. The culture and story attracts many people from all over the world.
  20. New Caledonia. It is known as the semisecret gem of the Pacific. Many infrastructural upgrades have been built towards the airport and roads, making it easier for people to see the wonders of the island. From snorkeling through coral reefs to kayaking in the moonlight, the possibilities are infinite on your visit to this amazing island.

Your 20’s are a time for adventure, because you have the power of youth, and a High School diploma. Before college, I recommend taking a year off to see the wonders of the known world.