Mockingjay Part 1: Stunning

Mockingjay Part 1:  Stunning


Once again, the Hunger Games crushed the box office. The lines were long, the theatres were packed and the Mockingjay fans were ecstatic.

The second the movie started, silence and excitement hushed over the audience. Everyone sat anxiously at the edge of their chairs, enjoying the perfect amount of humor, action and sorrow. The producers of Mockingjay truly lived up to the excellent reputation of the Hunger Games movies and books. They even ended the movie with a cliffhanger, which makes you want to come back and see the next one.

In many people’s eyes, the brilliant Suzanne Collins failed to bring the excitement into her last book, Mockingjay. The movie on the other hand, excelled with the perfect the amount of intensity. The movie was so great that it is reasonable to ask, was the movie better than the book? The world of social media is buzzing with how extraordinary the movie was. Unfortunately the book hadn’t impressed too many. I personally am confident to say, both the book and the movie were positively unique in different ways. The book was the well described inside life of Katniss Everdeen and her journey through being an icon in the world of the rebels, while the movie was a comfortable mixture of Katniss’s life and all the surrounding districts. I found watching the movie after reading the book truly showed the bigger picture of the stories plotline.

To my surprise, as much as there was a teenage audience, there was an adult audience. Mockingjay impacted many by crossing a wide range of genres. Is it a romance movie where Katniss must choose between Gale and Peeta? Is it an action movie where Katniss must overthrow the Capitol? Is it a drama where Katniss must make all her decisions cautiously, so Panama’s future will be a positive one? Or is it all three?

I walked out of the theatre stunned and amazed. Now, I can confidently say this movie is absolutely riveting and worth seeing more than once! Whether or not you have read the books, Mockingjay and its previous two movies, Hunger Games and Catching Fire, will not disappoint you! So happy movie watching, and may the odds be ever in your favour.