But What Does It Meme?

But What Does It Meme?

Let’s admit it, society is changing. Technology, values, and even humour are all making advancements. Wait, humour? Yes, it’s true. I don’t see today’s generation laughing at Shakespearian puns, but here’s what we are laughing at: memes.

Yep, memes are everywhere around us these days. They’re weaseling their way out of their internet home and invading all aspects of our media. Whether or not you’re actively anticipating the new grumpy cat movie, you have to have noticed memes somewhere around. That is, if you at least know what a meme is. Wait, what is a meme, anyway?

To put it simply, a meme is some kind of joke that grows popular and is widely repeated by many people. A meme is something that many people find funny, and a joke that can be made over and over again in different situations. For example, the Super Mario character Luigi has been made into a sort of meme himself. Jokes are made about his cowardice and the strange situations he gets into, to the point where he is more recognizable and popular than Mario in some circles. But why did people latch on to Luigi in this way? Why do people latch on to anything?

Memes are not always intentional. In fact, it could be argued that most people who start a memes popularity have no real intention of doing so. Instead, memes usually begin with someone simply making a joke using an image or phrase. If this joke becomes popular, others may realize that it can be reused or reformatted to make a new, albeit similar joke. At this point, many people will find the joke humorous, and the meme only grows. However, the enjoyment of a meme cannot last forever.

At length, memes can become old and drab. Through constant repetition of the joke, many people grow tired of it, and begin to shun that meme. In time, the meme gradually fades out of style, and is mostly forgotten. At the very least, anyone using an outdated meme could be called annoying or looked down upon. But if a meme ends, that does not necessarily mean it is gone for good. Memes can rise from the ashes like a baby phoenix.

Meme revival is a relatively new concept, since before now; there were not so many memes to revive. However, once an old meme has been forgotten for a period, people may begin to find it funny once again. It’s really quite fascinating how people can simply forget that they hated a meme and will welcome it back with open arms. For example, every year around the Oscars, many jokes are made about Leonardo DiCaprio not receiving any of these awards. Gradually, these jokes are made less as they grow tedious, but, lo and behold, they spring back up once more each year. Really, I could go on about this for hours, but I would recommend a more complete article on meme revival, found here.

Memes are an interesting part of our society, and they seem to be here to stay. But whether you accept them with open arms or do your best to avoid any reference to them is mainly up to you. However, if you don’t want to see them, you may want to stay off Facebook for a while. Or forever.