Introducing Mr. Mayer, Our New Art Teacher

Introducing Mr. Mayer, Our New Art Teacher

Why did you become a teacher and was there anyone who inspired you to become a teacher?

“It’s a long story” he replied when I asked how he ended up working as a teacher. As a student he couldn’t wait to get out of school. When he was in art school he considered being an art teacher but never gave it much thought. It was during his time working for his family’s business where he trained people to drive transport trucks, he realized he liked teaching people and was told by others he had the patience for it and that’s when he really began thinking about going back to school to become a teacher. He said his wife was one of his inspirations because she was already a teacher and he saw how much she enjoyed it. Another inspiration for him was one of his social studies teachers in high school because the way he taught passionately made him enjoy the subject, a third inspiration was a coach he had for cycling when he used to be a biker.

Before teaching he first pursued cycling then worked for six years at his family’s excavating and trucking company. He has also worked at a cross country skiing resort, been a host, and a graphic designer.

 Why K.S.S?

He wanted to work at KSS because of the school’s reputation for great students and teachers, as well as his fellow teacher friends that worked here. He hopes to remain here for the rest of his career. “Retiring at K.S.S is the goal,” he said.   “I can’t see myself being anywhere but here.”  He is VERY happy to be the K.S.S art teacher.

Mr. Mayer likes to work with the students. He says his first impression is that students want to be here and they push themselves. He likes that every group is different and they let him know where they want to go. He also likes that they are passionate about art and want to be in the class, so they push themselves to succeed. He says that K.S.S staff are great because they take teaching their kids seriously and do everything they can to help them in their learning.