Life in Jamaica

Student Life in Jamaica

Every year in Jamaica Grade 6 students all over the country take a test to see which high school they will attend the following September. About four years ago, a shy, quiet girl who lived in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, complete her exam and was designated to Merl Grove High School, a traditional all-girls school full of drama and fun.

Most of the girls attending the school for the first time did not want to go there, but after a first term of getting to know some really awesome and fun girls they didn’t want to leave, and that’s exactly what happened to this girl. Because of her group of friends and she did not want to transfer anymore because she realized that the other school that she had wanted to go to only had the name of the school and the school that she went to had more than just the name of the school, but also she had her really fun friends, the teachers that made her laugh and the fact that everyone at the school had one thing in common, they were just as crazy and fun as everyone else around them. She slowly took off the wrapper which was being shy and quiet to her true self which is crazy (positive) and fun.