KSS’ very own super hero


If you have ever walked through the KSS Multi-Purpose Room, chances are you have seen him. He floats through the hallways, giving high-fives and telling people how “awesome” they are. He is grade 12 student Julian D’vaz and he is dedicated to improving the school climate of KSS.

D’vaz is in his third year at KSS after attending middle school at Dr. Knox. Before attending Dr. Knox, D’vaz, along with his family, moved to Kelowna from Brampton, Ontario. Although he sometimes misses his hometown, D’vaz has made a home for himself in Kelowna.

In his three years at KSS, D’vaz has become well known in the school community. His exact rise to fame can’t be pinpointed, but somewhere among his appearances in the KSS talent show and Airband, D’vaz became an important fixture in the school climate. Most recently, D’vaz received attention for his grad-presidential campaign. Julian’s platform focused on making the year as “awesome” as it could be for all students. His focus was not only on a fun grad year, but also on a grad year that would remain inclusive. Although he did not win, D’vaz’s speech and passionate campaign left a positive impression on his grad class.

In fact, D’vaz has left such a positive impression that fellow students are referring to him as “inspirational,” “amazing,” and “the most popular boy in school.” Nathan Lebedoff was the creator of his online campaign video and has gotten to know Julian through the video production classes that they are both involved in. When asked about the causes for D’vaz’s popularity, Lebedoff replied, “He’s very nice to most people; well I don’t think he’s mean to anybody (Except One Direction, maybe).” KSS video production teacher Mr. Derkson adds to this notion, saying “He doesn’t speak disparagingly of any other people. He will compliment you out of the blue for no reason, and that is very endearing.”

When asked about his ability to spread joy in the halls of KSS, Julian commented, “If everyone is happy, this place will be happy.” He added that it is important to spread this happiness so that nobody feels “down” or “left out.” For many KSS students, the stress of school and social pressures make it difficult to be happy. Students and staff often get caught up in their everyday stresses and are unable to see the beauty in their lives. In order to combat this, D’vaz says “I just think that everything is awesome and I just always think of things that make me happy.”

Among his work in the school community, D’vaz is also very passionate about video making. Using the name “teentitans333,” Julian is a YouTuber with increasing popularity. His channel includes “anything you can imagine” and some of his higher-watched videos have as many as 6,000 views. Making videos appeals to him for its creative nature. Nathan Lebedoff says D’vaz’s videos are a “real window into how he sees the world.”

At the end of this year, Julian will graduate, but his legacy will live on. “What I want to be remembered for,” he said, “is the kind of person I am. I am happy, I am nice, I am creative.” Whether it be through his positive attitude, his performances at school events or his increasingly popular YouTube channel; the effect of Julian D’vaz is clearly evident in the Kelowna Secondary School community.