Standardized Testing our Patience

We are all different; we think differently, we look different and we learn differently. So why are we all tested the same way?

We are all individuals, some smarter than others in unique ways. We all live different lives, some under pressure and focused on things other than just school. Some students are slow learners and aren’t given enough time to understand concepts; others can’t remember large amounts of materials. So why are different students tested on the exact same things, in the exact same ways? I understand, how else would you discover how much a student has learned, but standardized testing should range in the ways it can be performed. In other words, have different ways the test could be taken.

There isn’t one person in the world who is the same as another. The main place where peoples’ unique qualities are pushed down so they can receive perfect marks, just so their college applications look good, is school. Everyone is different and learn in differently; visually, auditory or kinesthetic. Students should have more choice on how they are tested, and how test grades affect our future. For visual learners, tests should be presented with many pictures, diagrams, graphs, or on computer screens. For auditory learners, tests should be performed by a voice, walking students through questions. Standardized tests should be flexible and understandable for every student taking them. Shouldn’t we have a say on how we are tested because these test marks affect our grades and even more importantly, our future.