Music is the Key  

After a long day, winding down is one of the best feelings in the world. Having a stressful day full of timelines, deadlines, and hard work can take a heavy toll on you, both mentally and physically. Sitting back and turning on some music can affect your mood depending on the type of music you listen to. “Scientists at the University of Missouri have found that people can boost their mood simply by listening to upbeat music.” Countless research over the years have led to the conclusion that the type of music you listen to, and how much you listen to it, can be a minor factor your daily mood. The tone of the music can be unhealthy for your brain, like depressing music, is usually preferred by sorrow individuals making happy music hard to listen too.

There is countless disbelief on if the subject works, as it only works if done right. You cannot force your mental state to immediately transition into the new mood it takes patience. “People could focus more on enjoying their experience of the journey and not get caught up on the destination.” The reason music can change your mind into any mood, is because it can almost be accidental. If you force your body to change, it never will. By listening to upbeat music on a daily basis, it could begin to affect you in as little as two weeks. In order to obtain happiness, you must remain optimistic towards change. The process really is a setting yourself up for the future, not a quick way to become easy; it takes commitment.

Some problems people can occur problems when they try this method, which is music type. When people are looking to get happiness, in a lot of cases, it’s about regaining happiness, particularly after a loss of some sort. “People who are going through break-ups or having relationship problems prefer music and experiences that reflect their negative mood.” This is problematic because when you are down in the dumps, putting happy music in your head can almost be sickening, as it’s explaining amazing scenarios that you wished you had too. The average person will have no problem boosting their mood, but people who need it most will struggle at first getting to the starting point. In a study “consumers liked angry music more than joyful music when they were frustrated by interpersonal problems like being stood up on a date.” The stronger the traumatic experience, the harder it will be to get back to music that is healthy for your mind.

After life smashes you in the face, sending you into a deep pit of frustration and hardships, everyone eventually wants to get out. There is a lot more than music that you must do to achieve that, but music can help you get there. Many people just use music to help relax, but that is a feeling music gives you. Your brain knows when that song comes on, to relax a little and just enjoy it. If you remain ready for change, and listen to some good tunes, it will get better. Whatever you are going through is just a stage, and music will hold your hand and guide you through it.