“Marked” a Great Paranormal Romance

Can you imagine? Your day starting out normal, nothing unusual except for the same boring drama, and then BAM you’re a social pariah. It’s a common fear, being an outcast and disgusting monstrosity that “normal” people can sneer at from their high horses, which is exactly what happened to Zoey Redbird. Being marked isn’t something many have on their wish list, including the average, teenage girl starring in this novel. Her day was normal; she was dreading her upcoming geometry test, fawning over her favorite celebrities, and talking with her best friend, when she suddenly saw the Tracker. After that moment, her life completely and utterly changed, adding even more drama and stress to her life. Now she must survive the Change, learn to adapt to her new life, and leave everything she knew behind.

The fast pace, easy humor, mystery, and relatable characters will grasp you with its claws and drag you in so deep, you can’t let the book down until you finish. Luckily, you can feed your hunger for more, since this is only the first book of the House of Night series. P.C Cast and her daughter, Kristin, worked together to make the magical, and beautiful world of the House of Night, and exceeded all expectations given to them. Mythology and the modern idea of vampires join together, to create an interesting and refreshing take on the blood-sucking immortals. As an added bonus, there aren’t any strange, anti-Christ half-vampire babies, or emotionless, useless damsels in distress who don’t know that Taylor Lautner is a much better choice than 200 year old, glittering, emo creep. Ahem.

I highly recommend this novel for anyone who finds pleasure in paranormal romance and fantasy books. You can find Marked and the rest of the series at the KSS Library.