Five KSS Students Awarded $1000


Congratulations to five of KSS’s finest.

Megan Butchard, Angel Yu, Samuel Cho, Katie Webb, and Megan Soderlund were recognized and each awarded $1000 for their winning entries in the History Now, Government of Canada History Awards.

In the words of The Honourable Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages:

I am very pleased that we have launched the Government of Canada History Awards, an initiative that provides students and teachers across Canada with an opportunity to explore our country’s rich history.

With the creation of these awards, our Government is taking an important step to help young Canadians learn more about our history, so that they can better understand where they’ve come from, who they are and what makes them unique as Canadians.
For a complete list of contest winners and synopsis’ of KSS students award winning work see the link below (click on British Columbia to view our five winners):