Is KSS Secretly Transforming into the Next Fast Food Joint?


Being in grade ten, I can already see the major differences between middle and high school ever since I first walked through the doors of KSS. For one, KSS is so much bigger and even though it’s already been more than a week I still get lost sometimes. You can go off campus at lunch time which is nice if you like booster juice or food from the college, but what about the food at our school? What makes our store or vending machines the way they are today and is it in any way healthy, because let’s face it, sometimes the healthiest food doesn’t always taste the greatest. Along with healthy food choices, are we as students getting all the physical exercise that we need (or even want)? As a major health nut I’ve gone around the school to ask how KSS keeps students healthy AND happy.

I thought that of all places the school store the Owl’s Nest would be the best place to start investigating. Joanna, the wonderful lady who runs the store told me a couple things about what she’s noticed over her time of working at the store. “These healthier choices, they simply don’t sell,” is what she said when I asked her why the menu is how it is. “I think that… this is just my opinion, that in high school people, kids, you don’t really care for the most part, you’re not really caring what you eat yet. So some people that do, they might choose to bring their own lunch.” In other words, it’s all about trial and error when it comes to introducing new foods to the school especially good healthy ones. And as the students who buy the food, we control what on the menu stays and what goes.

Another issue with food being sold in the school is the level of cost. “We want to make sure that we’re keeping cost low for students because they aren’t making money themselves, and so it has to be healthy but also not terribly expensive and so that’s a balance because usually, typically food that’s not healthy is cheaper unfortunately,” stated Mr. Labrie, one of the vice principals. Suggestions on new food in the store or vending machines is very much welcomed, so if you have an idea on a certain recipe or snack that would sell really well PLEASE talk to someone at the office!

So far I’ve learned that the biggest problem about the food is finding the right balance between what’s on the menu and in the vending machines and what appeals to everyone. It was time I got the opinions of the real people of KSS; the students, and the responses were actually quite surprising. “I mean you could, I don’t necessarily think people would want to buy all the healthier stuff because people like junk food and that’s just a fact,” stated a grade ten student here at KSS. Another assumption made that most teenagers are lazy and have a poor diet but that’s a lie! There are many students here who are into fitness and strive for it daily! I always like to know how the food I’m eating affects my body because you can’t be fit if you exercise but have a terrible diet. Sadly the gym and potato chips don’t mix well, that’s a fact.

Thankfully I was able to talk to a couple students who believe that improvements can be made in the food sold at school. “There’s no total crap in the vending machines, I mean you can’t buy crush or anything so that’s a start,” said a grade eleven student, which is a good point. If we didn’t have the guidelines we have right now I could see our school population turning into the people from the movie Wall-E! I also asked a grade twelve student what their thoughts were on improvement on the school’s food. “Yes 100%, we could manage our budget and start buying healthier things and start making healthier choices with the food options that we have.”

By the end of the day though asparagus is still asparagus and since you can’t make healthy foods appeal to EVERYONE there has to be a balance. KSS seems to be doing a pretty decent job at keeping the food appealing enough to students while still being decently healthy. “It could be worse than pasta but there’s always room for improvement,” said a grade eleven student and hearing things like that just boost my belief even more that our food can be better. I’m not saying that we’re all fat and could use a better diet. What I’m trying to say is that even with all these options we have for food, we have enough ideas to make the eating experience better. We could have food that’s more convenient and less harmful to our bodies that are still cost efficient and appealing to majority of the school. A healthy life is a happy one and who doesn’t deserve that?