Book Review: Pendragon Series


The villain of the series, Saint Dane.

Imagine for a second all that ever was, is or will be. Imagine Earth as we know it as a part of something more, as one of ten territories with its own separate destiny, yet linked in a way known only to a chosen few.  Sounds like a B-list sci-fi plot, right? And yet, to Robert ‘Bobby’ Pendragon, this is his reality.  Thrown from the comfort of his home territory, known as Second Earth, he finds himself in the midst of a battle to save Halla, the name given to all of creation.  Against him is a demon bent on chaos, whose aim it is to take all of Halla for himself.  Standing in his way are the Travelers, one from each territory, who know there is more out there.  From the medieval territory of Denduron to the futuristic Veelox, each territory stands on the brink of prosperity or chaos. This series of ten books, written by DJ MacHale, is known as simply ‘Pendragon’, and follows the adventures across time and space of the titular teenager.  For any sci-fi and fantasy fans, this series is well-written and remains interesting throughout.