Blue Rodeo Concert: Full of the Faint of Heart


Have you ever felt out of place? Like you don’t belong? Well so did anyone under the age of 35 at a recent concert at Prospera Place. Blue Rodeo, a band from Toronto that was formed in 1984 played to the drunken adults (or should I say seniors) of Kelowna on Monday, January 6th.

The band itself was fantastic, but the opening band gave Blue Rodeo a run for their money. The Devin Cuddy Band did not fail to impress the over-aged crowd that in attendance Monday night. The Devin Cuddy Band also happens to contain one of Blue Rodeo’s offspring. When your son opens for you I guess you should expect your audience to be around your age. The Devin Cuddy band even called Blue Rodeo “old timers” in front of the whole arena.

I am by no means bashing old people. I love old people (they’re adorable and always have good food around). I’m just saying that when Blue Rodeo told everyone to get on their feet most people had trouble getting out of their chairs, let alone dancing.

The first hour of the concert was a little on the molasses side because everyone just sat. It was like an alien energy-drain. I think part of the reason was that the band played their entire new album “In Our Nature” and not many people knew it yet.

Once the new album promotion was out of the way, they focused on old favorites like “Dark Angel”, “Try”, “Rose-Coloured Glasses” and “To Love Someboday” and the crowd transformed. It was like everyone had suddenly jumped into the movie Back to the Future and started reliving their teenaged years. Seeing old white guys trying to dance is quite entertaining, if I do say so myself.

In all, it was a great concert; I even bought a t-shirt (there is a sucker born every minute, or maybe it was parent-pressure). I enjoyed being there but I just felt a little intimidated by my “wiser” surroundings. I would definitely suggest that you give both Blue Rodeo and The Devin Cuddy Band a listen because they are talented groups.

If you’re looking for some new eye candy you should probably only check out the Devin Cuddy Band, they’re mighty fine and are probably still quite a few years away from retirement.