Show Over for Small Music Venues

As a musician, it’s been my dream to be in a famous metal band and play shows all around the world. Lucky for me, that is possible.  Hardworking musicians living outside of Canada, however, might have a harder time. The Canadian government has recently created a law that requires band members and employers to pay an extra fee to have them play.

On top of the international musician/band having to apply for a work permit, which has always been in effect, the employer must also pay a processing fee of $425 for each band member. This is only in effect for smaller venues, such as bars, restaurants etc. Larger venues, such as Prospera Place are completely safe. Does that seem unfair? It’s only because places like that are officially called a concert venue, whereas smaller venues are not ‘exempt from the work permit requirement’. This law could completely ruin a venue owner’s chance at staying in business, as these fees will be so much more expensive than their actual profits.

An online petition has been created to abolish this law, although it is not doing as well as most would think. It seems that most people have taken the same side and opinion as the people who created the law… But what is the reason behind it all? They say it is because taxpayers are being forced to pay the cost for employers to bring in foreign workers. This way, Canadians get first dibs on jobs.

So whether or not people are for or against this law, there is no doubt that it will greatly impact many small venue owner’s careers. If you think this rule is unfair, you can find the petition to remove it here: