Insidious Chapter 2: Complex, Convincing, Truly Frightening

It’s fairly difficult for a horror movie to make a big hit during the fall, however it is not impossible. In 2011, director James Wan created a movie titled Insidious. Although it had lots of potential, being caught with several clichés and unrealistic effects, I personally loved it, and did not mind the cheesy attempts at creating realistic demons. The one thing that made it so original was the mood it had, it felt like the whole movie was real, as opposed to an overly polished Hollywood blockbuster. Unfortunately, the independent feel to this flick gave it a bad reputation as just poor and cheap. Luckily, James never quit

This year, Insidious Chapter 2 was released in theatres, and was very well received. This time around, James had an exponentially larger budget, enabling him to make a much more powerful film. It mainly reveals what was going on with the first film, which is initially what pulled the viewers in. In a way, the film’s atmosphere deviates very little from that of the first one; something that is not common in sequels. Writers James Wan and Leigh Wannel explain that everything they learned from filming The Conjuring, they applied to Insidious Chapter 2.They also stated that everything they learned from Insidious, helped make The Conjuring. The success really shows with box office stats, as it earned a $32-$35 million debut in North America, making $1.5 million on its first day, and $2 million the next.

If you enjoy a complex, well designed story, seriously convincing acting from Patrick Wilson, and a truly frightening flick, Insidious Chapter 2 might surprise you a little, as it does not disappoint in any way. Be sure to know the story behind the first, because this sequel will bring up many moments of understanding and realization… A very satisfying feeling.